MemoFlash for contributors

MemoFlash allows you to create your own cards but also to publish them on the MemoFlash store.

The card creation tool is very simple and does not require any technical skills.

You can test your cards immediately on the web site or on your mobile device.

To become a contributor, you just need to:

Once approved, your topic will be published on the MemoFlash store.


How does the review of the topics work?

When you submit a topic for publication in the store the MemoFlash team reviews the content to make sure that it complies to the Quality Guidelines. It allows us to guarantee quality content for our users. The author remains responsible for his own content.

What is the approval delay for the content?

We do our best to review your topics within a week.

Do I need to translate my topic into other languages?

No, but it is interesting for a topic to be translated into several languages. However, remember to only write a topic in a language you really master. We advise you NOT to use an automatic translator.

What are the design guidelines for the cards?

Check out the quality guidelines for details. In particular:

Which page layout options are available for the cards?

The card edition tool offers: bold and italic style, bullet points and numbered lists.

I already have content in Excel or Word format. How can I integrate them into MemoFlash?

The card creation tool includes a simple to use '.csv' import tool. If you have difficulties, contact us for help.